Remember when I lost my voice last summer? Yeah, I lost it again.

So goes working with small children, I suppose. I began work last Monday, and I was sick by that Wednesday, just two days later! I started feeling better fairly quickly, but by this Tuesday, I had lost my voice anyway.


I documented it last night so that you could hear what I sound don't sound like.

Still riding the struggle bus in my attempt to get everything transferred from my old blog. Content missing here. #sadface

Do you know how insane it is to try to keep small children under control when they can't hear you?

Let me tell you.

Super insane.

You know what else is hard to do when you don't have a voice?

Laugh – but my little kiddies keep me giggling all day anyway.

All my favorite quotes from the week came from one girl, a precious little blonde 3-year-old. (Wish I could post pics of my cute kids for you guys, buuut that would be super sketchy.)

Tuesday Me: What kind of animals fly? Another 3-year-old: Birds! PLB3YO: Yeah, birds! And reindeers!

Wednesday (while looking for a specific baby doll) PLB3YO: Where did that naked baby go?

Thursday (upon seeing a truck in the parking lot) PLB3YO: It's a truck! For boys! A boy could go in that!

Friday (while she was sitting in my lap and playing with my hands) PLB3YO: I like your thumbs!

(later while we were watching The Little Mermaid) PLB3YO: Are men allergic to mermaids?

Gaaa;lkjasdf! She's just too cute to handle.